Our Products POSTED ON May 15, 2018

We pride ourselves on looking at each application – specifically the asset, equity and exit strategy – on a case-by-case basis. This allows us to structure our bridging loans according to the needs of the individual borrower. Our bridging loans cater to every kind of borrower from city professionals and entrepreneurs to first-time buyers and property developers, based in the UK and offshore. The key to our team’s success in large, complex and time-critical deals is their detailed market knowledge and proactive approach.


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Bridge to Purchase

A bridging loan is a great way to purchase a property when you need finance quickly and the timeframe for a traditional mortgage is too great. In addition, some properties do not meet the necessary criteria to obtain a traditional mortgage, for example properties that do not have a kitchen or a plumbing system. A bridging loan allows you to refurbish the property so that it qualifies for a traditional mortgage.

Bridging Finance

Property Auctions

Buying a property at auction is a great way to purchase a hidden gem and find some real bargains. At an auction the buyer is required to pay for the purchase within a set time frame, therefore if the buyer doesn’t have the funds readily available they run the risk of losing the property, as the time taken to gain finance via a traditional high street lender is likely to be too great. Bridging finance is a great way to put funds in place to meet the auction time frame, without missing out on the property.


Land with Planning

Traditional lenders are inflexible when it comes to financing assets that don’t fit within their strict criteria. A bridging loan allows a developer to acquire their desired site whilst remaining financially adaptable to changing demands which may crop up throughout the project.



To avoid the hassle and stress of moving many people instead opt to refurbish their existing home. A bridging loan can provide you with the lump sum needed to carry out the home improvements.


Second Charge Loans

A Second Charge Loan is used to obtain further funds for a short period of time when there is already an existing mortgage on the property. The original mortgage is referred to as the first charge and the additional finance is referred to as the second charge.


Commercial Loans

If you are looking for commercial premises it can take a while for the perfect property to come to market but when it does things are likely to move fast. A commercial bridging loan can be the ideal solution to ensure the property is secured whilst the long term finance is being arranged.



Unfortunately, some probate cases can be incredibly complicated and drawn out, leaving the executor of the will with mounting legal fees and inheritance tax bills which may require payment before probate is settled. This can place the executor of the will in a position of financial difficulty.