Elections 2017: The industry reactions on hung parliament

The opinions: Paul Munford, CEO

The result of the General Election which saw Conservative leader Theresa May lose her majority, has left Britain shocked. What does this mean for the UK property market? While some experts think uncertainty may return to the sector, other think the property market will continue to remain strong. Here are our CEO’s opinion about the result of the General Election that took place last Thursday 8th of June, also other experts comments in the link below.

Paul Munford comments:

”As the dust settles making sense of many mixed messages may be easier. But at the moment it’s difficult to see how this will pan out.

“It’s clear the Brexit voters switched in droves to Labour which was unexpected and highlights the misgivings many people have about EU exit. 

“The upside of this should mean a softer Brexit…people did not vote to become poorer and may now be recognising that ‎Brexit will be terrible for them and the wider economy 

“So all very dramatic and uncertain ‎which may not be great short term for Real Estate but if it engineers a softer Brexit with a trade deal and freedom of movement then medium term the market will recover well.”

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