80% of UK adults aim to buy a property in their lifetime


Research by Aviva* found that 80% of adults in the UK aim to buy a property in their lifetime. But the study also discovered that our influences for purchasing a property change over time, alongside our lifestyles.

Of those surveyed – aged from 18 up to 55+ – all age groups think the biggest factor when choosing a new home is the price, followed by the condition of the property. But it is after these aspects are considered that our motivations change.

“46% of people said public transport links were the most important amenity”

For 18-24 year olds, transport links and proximity to the workplace come in at numbers 3 and 4 on the priority list, at 22% and 21% respectively. Whereas those aged 25-45 want to be close to local schools. And those over 45 think the safety of an area is an important factor when finding their perfect property.

Nearby facilities and amenities also play a major part in our decision making, with public transport links coming out on top of the list for every age group asked.

In fact, of those surveyed, 46% of people said that public transport links were the most important amenity that affected their choice of new home, compared to 35% when buying their first ever property.

Other things considered by the respondents were close proximity to a doctor’s surgery and a budget supermarket. But it is within the 18-24 group that the motivations are most different.

24% of young people want to be near restaurants and takeaways and 19% consider pubs and nightclubs to be an important factor as well. While those aged over 55 are more concerned with parking facilities and green spaces.


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