We are a trustworthy and experienced bridging finance lender. Our team take a common sense approach to the decision-making process, resulting in a fast and flexible service. Get in touch with your enquiry to discover how we help our clients to reach their goals.

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Fast, Flexible & Bespoke Short-Term Finance

We are Century Capital

Century Capital provides fast, flexible and reliable short-term bridging finance. Our bridging loans are built around the specific needs of the client. Our clients range from private individuals to professional property investors.

As a traditional asset lender, we base our loan decisions on the open market value of the property rather than the credit profile of the client. This equity-based approach to lending grants us a greater level of flexibility, meaning we are often able to lend where others cannot.

When you contact our team, who are based in the heart of Mayfair, you speak directly with the decision makers. Bypassing the bureaucracy, that many other lenders have means that we are able to deliver fast-track completions in 4-5 working days – half the time of our competitors.


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